Queijo – The root of the word

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Popular portuguese saying

From Spain may not come good winds or weddings (a portuguese popular  saying), but the spaniards may have been responsible for introducing the word Queijo . It must have happened in the year 980 through the word Queso.

But the source of this word seems to be in popular Latin. Caseus was used

Cheese must have originated from the word chese and, in turn, from cīese or cēse (in ancient English).

Many phonetic and graphic similarities are also found in the German origin. Käse is as they say these days. Chāsi in Old German. In turn its origin is in the German-Western root kasjus, a derivation from Latin.

Everything seems to have a source. It does.

Source: Wikipedia and Internet


  1. The portuguese word for cheese is queijo.
  2. If you don´t know portuguese cheese.. take a look at Queijaria Eira da Vila among others.

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